The district court dismissed the claim of Metsähallitus

The Helsinki District Court has today rendered a judgement whereby it has dismissed the damages claim of Metsähallitus against UPM, Stora Enso Corporation and Metsäliitto Cooperative, which was based on the competition restriction concerning the raw wood market found by the Marker Court decision of 3 December 2009.

The District Court ordered Metsähallitus to pay UPM compensation for legal expenses.

According to Metsähallitus’ claim, the forestry companies had caused damage to Metsähallitus on the basis of the competition restriction found by the Market Court decision of 3 December 2009. Metsähallitus claimed that due to the competition restriction the forestry companies had paid underprice to Metsähallitus in raw wood sales contracts. The capital amount of Metsähallitus’ claim was in total approximately EUR 159.4 million, of which approximately EUR 22.6 million was based on agreements between Metsähallitus and UPM.

UPM agrees with the District Court ruling. UPM maintains that it has not caused the alleged damage to Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus may appeal the District Court judgment to the Court of Appeal.

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