Trade Book Sales Up 6.9% in August 2016 vs. August 2015, Marking Five Consecutive Months of Trade Book Growth

August marked the fifth consecutive month of growth in publisher revenue for trade books, helping the category earn a slight growth from Jan. to Aug. 2016 of 0.5% vs. the same timeframe in 2015.

While July 2016 showed a tremendous increase in the Childrens and Young Adult category of 31.1% compared to July 2015, that trend did not continue in August, and sales were down 1.3% vs. Aug. 2015. Instead, trade books growth came mostly from Adult Books, which was up 10.3%. Within Adult Books, all print formats saw double-digit revenue growth in Aug., including hardback (35.4%), paperback (12.5%) and mass market (22.5%), while eBooks continued their decline (-14.2%).

Overall publishers’ revenue for all tracked categories (Trade – fiction/non-fiction/religious, PreK-12 Instructional Materials, Higher Education Course Materials, Professional Publishing, and University Presses) were down 2.8% in Aug. 2016 vs. Aug. 2015. The revenue decline primarily occurred because of lower sales of educational books and learning resources.
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