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In the last eight days, there have been stories in the Wall Street Journal, Slate, the New York Post, on,, and even in the Jewish Journal reporting that Charmin has introduced its Forever Roll.

The innovation from Procter & Gamble’s venerable brand holds so much toilet paper it could last a “typical” person two or three months, according to the company.

The Forever Roll comes in two sizes. Kayleigh, a customer service rep who shows up for online chats on the Charmin Forever website, told me a one-user household roll is about 8.7 inches in diameter (as opposed to the typical five-incher you probably use now). A multiuser roll has a 12-inch diameter.

These days, when you order online, the “starter kit” comes with a stainless steel pedestal toilet paper holder.

Media reviews for the Forever Roll are mostly all thumbs-up.

Gabriella Paiella, writing for New York magazine’s The Cut, enthused: “As far as silly millennial-targeted marketing goes, this is pretty spot on — we live alone in small rentals because we can’t afford to buy real estate, we’re constantly working so we have limited time to run errands, and we LOVE using the bathroom.”

Her piece was titled “I Love And Support The Giant Toilet Paper Roll for Millennials.”

Other, calmer stories have also appeared in USA Today and the New York Daily News.
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