UPM Kaukas Lead the Way in Promoting the Circular Economy


UPM Kaukas is a frontrunner in the circular economy: The mill site makes efficient use of wood-based raw materials and converts residues into goods with economic value.

Trucks and trains transport logs and pulpwood to the integrated UPM Kaukas mill in Lappeenranta. Wood also arrives by ship and by means of log driving along the Saimaa water system.

The production facility comprises a pulp mill, a paper mill, a sawmill, a biomass power plant and a biorefinery, all of which together consume a considerable amount of wood-based raw materials. All raw materials are utilised efficiently with an eye to minimising waste.

The integrated mill is an industry forerunner in the efficient use of resources and harnessing side streams, says Teuvo Solismaa, General Manager of UPM Kaukas.


“Globally, we are the most versatile integrated mill site in the bioforest industry. We turn renewable raw materials into pulp, paper, sawn timber, energy and biofuels. This is what UPM’s Biofore strategy means in practice.”

Over 120 years of circular economy
Industrial symbiosis is currently a hot topic on the circular economy agenda. This is when adjacent production plants use all the raw materials entering the area as comprehensively as possible.

“UPM Kaukas has followed this principle for over 120 years,” says Production Director Jaakko Nousiainen from UPM’s biorefinery.


Industrial production at the current mill site began in 1892 when Kaukaan Tehdas Osakeyhtiö transferred its spool factory from Mäntsälä to Lappeenranta.

The spools were made from birch. Most of the raw material went to waste, but when a pulp mill was built in the same area in 1897, the leftover material was put to use.

Over the next few decades, a sawmill and a paper mill were added to the Kaukas mill site. This formerly also comprised a plywood mill, but plywood production has since been transferred to other UPM production plants in Finland.

The latest addition to the integrated mill site is the biorefinery, which began producing biofuels from tall oil, a residue of pulp production, in 2015. Its main product is the renewable traffic fuel UPM BioVerno.

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