UPM Raflatac’s new conformable film combines the best features of PP and PE in a single material

UPM Raflatac is launching Raflex PRO, an advanced new flexible film offering high transparency for contoured and shaped containers. This versatile material joins the Raflex family of conformable films alongside Raflex MDO, a high-performance and eco-designed solution for squeezable containers that have previously been reliant on polyethylene (PE) labeling materials.

Traditionally there have been two film labeling options: PE offering flexibility for squeezable bottles, and polypropylene (PP) providing transparency and gloss for rigid containers. While both films provide significant advantages over paper label faces, their very different properties often mean a compromise is needed. Raflex films have been developed to offer the benefits of both films in a single material, providing both flexibility and transparency for a variety of containers.

For applications where PP would be too rigid, Raflex PRO gives a high-quality, no-label look, combining an ultra-clear finish with good conformability on contoured and semi-squeezable containers. It is ideal for home and personal care, food, and beverage applications, offering chemical resistance and stability even in challenging conditions. Raflex PRO is just as thin and light as PP and supports good print results even without a topcoat.

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