Verso Showcases Brighter, Whiter Sterling® Premium in New Printed Promotion: “Sterling® Premium. ELEVATED.”

Verso Corporation (NYSE: VRS) continues to celebrate innovative U.S. manufacturers that share its passion for being the best at what they do with the release today of the second in its series of printed promotions titled Sterling® Premium. ELEVATED.

“Verso’s Sterling® Premium challenged the paper quality/cost paradigm to create a first – premium paper at a budget friendly price,” said Verso President of Graphic Papers Mike Weinhold. “We established a new status quo, and then challenged it again, improving shade and brightness to a whiter-white 96 – at the same great price.”

“Sterling® Premium’s new, brilliantly bright optics combined with premium surface quality, print performance, product breadth, sustainability and service have elevated the definition of what it means to be the best of the best,” said Verso Brand Marketing Manager Tanya Pipo. “When we were looking for like-minded companies that share the same passion and courage for elevating their brands to the next level we were introduced to Oru Kayak® in San Francisco. Like Sterling® Premium, Oru Kayak is elevating the expectation of how to make quality kayaks with premium attributes at a reasonable price.”

ADVENTURE, ELEVATED. Oru Kayak® co-founder and designer Anton Willis developed the concept of a foldable kayak designed with quality, aesthetics and portability in mind. “It was origami that got me thinking,” he says. “What if you could actually make a kayak that folded up like a piece of paper?” Through great design, portability, lighter weight and lower price than a conventional craft with no sacrifice in performance, Oru Kayak® is changing the game, elevating adventure on the water by making it more accessible to more people.

PAPER, ELEVATED. This new printed brochure showcases the brighter, whiter shade and exceptional print quality of Sterling® Premium through detailed imagery of beautifully crafted kayaks. The print demonstrations on gloss, dull/silk and matte finishes highlight the paper’s premium surface quality, and the print comparisons between Sterling® Premium sheetfed and Sterling® Premium Digital™ for HP Indigo show the flawless print quality from offset to digital. The promotion is enhanced with a short video featuring the founders of Oru Kayak® using Layar® technology, a leading augmented reality app. Verso Marketing Communications Manager Julie Davis explains, “When printed images are scanned using the Layar® app, the technology recognizes the image and relates it to a piece of registered content with Layar®. This is an exceptional way to show how print links to new technology for a deeper experience without ever leaving the printed page.”

Sterling® Premium has the widest and deepest offering of any premium grade, with a full line of sizes, finishes and weights to meet any need. Sterling® Premium offers true premium selection, with the industry’s broadest range of basis weights—70 lb. text through 130 lb. cover, including 7 pt. and 9 pt. caliper guaranteed products for direct mail. The product line also includes two matching digital companion products, Sterling® Premium Digital™ and Sterling® Premium Digital™ for HP Indigo, guaranteed on all digital offset, toner and HP Indigo print equipment. Sterling® Premium is available with post-consumer recycled fiber, complies with Lacey Act requirements and is chain-of-custody tri-certified to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) BV-COC-953662, Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™ (PEFC™) BV-PEFCCOC-US09000012, and Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®), BV-SFICOC-US09000011 standards.

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