Want to Reach Baby Boomers? Print Is the Way — Plus, 4 Print Marketing Tips (telemarketingmag.com)

In a world that seems dominated by all things Millennial, Baby Boomers shouldn’t be disregarded as heavyweight consumers. This generational cohort represents 54% of American wealth by household. Plus, Boomers’ annual spend reaches more than $548 billion, outpacing members of Generation X by a whopping $200 billion.

And you know what’s really interesting? Boomers are keeping print very much alive, because it’s their preferred method of media consumption — even though they aren’t ignoring technology.

According to the Pew Research Center, print newspapers are still the second most popular way for adults 65-plus to consume their news, and research from Kantar indicates that skeptical adults tend to trust print more than other news sources. Marketers need to take notice of this, if they’re trying to woo the lucrative Boomer marketplace who are looking for trusted news and information sources. If you’re not considering a print ad buy in addition to your digital purchases, you’re missing out.

Harnessing Print’s Potential
True, print has declined, even though the Association of Magazine Media noted the launch of no fewer than 134 printed publications as recently as 2017. However, print’s overall appeal remains steady among Boomers and those knee-deep in the publishing industry, in general. Just peek into any doctor’s waiting room, and you’ll be greeted by stacks of well-thumbed magazines. In hotels, information-hungry guests scour free major city newspapers. These signs show that print isn’t going away any time soon.
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