WestRock® Answers Consumer Premiumization Trend with 18pt. Digital Coated Cover

WestRock, an American paper and corrugated packaging company, has released a new coated paper in answer to growing consumer trends favoring premiumization. The 18pt. caliper provides added sturdiness, translating to a tactile feel that consumers equate with higher quality.

Recent research indicates that sturdier paper can significantly increase response rates, evidenced by a 38 percent response lift (1.64 percent response rate for “control” up to a 2.27 percent response rate for the “test”) from consumers in a direct mail campaign by a Fortune 1000 Nationwide retailer.[1] Related research by WestRock has shown that sturdiness and paper quality carries over to how consumers feel about the advertised brand or product.

The new 18pt. offering from WestRock is the ultimate paper solution for brands that want to “stand out from the pack” for applications including digital packaging, direct mail, presentation folders, business cards, in-store signage, displays, faux credit cards and more.

Like the rest of their comprehensive digital portfolio, WestRock’s new 18pt. digital product is available through its extensive nationwide network of merchant distributors. The new offering includes the following sizes:

18” x 12”
19” x 13”
20.8125” x 29.5” (B2)
C1S and C2S surfaces.

The new 18pt. digital coated cover is engineered for excellent performance one toner-based printers and is RIT certified for runnability, adhesion and blanket compatibility on HP Indigo 7000 machines and higher.

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