Why Everyone is Falling in Love with Print Again

In this incredibly convenient and efficient digital age, why are we still hung up on print? You might not believe that this is the case, but it’s true. Research shows that:
•46% of U.S. Internet users said they only read printed books [1] •56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method [2] •The average reader of a branded magazine will spend up to 20 to 25 minutes with it, rather than the two minutes you hope for online [3]

So I ask again, why can’t we let print go? Print is like a relationship, we keep going back to it for one reason only: the way it makes us feel. Every relationship we have, we are in because of some emotional connection. When done well, your print media can evoke almost every emotion, which in turn increases your advertising effectiveness.

Print: The Sensory Experience
As print is tangible, it stimulates our senses. Having the weight of print in your hand already establishes a connection, which in turn transfers this credibility to the content. Now it’s up to the print itself to build the relationship, by triggering our senses. The sensory experience begins with the feeling of the paper, followed by the smell of the ink or added scent, the sound of the pages as you turn them, even the colours and images that are used can make you feel a certain way. Have you ever stroked a brochure cover that has a velvet finish? Or inhaled a new book smell? Then you know exactly what I mean!

It has been shown that “when brands appeal to more than three senses, advertising effectiveness will increase with 70%” [4]. This makes total sense when you think about it. If a brochure has quality paper, you might note this favourable quality and move on. However, if that brochure also has a soft touch laminate cover, design that pops, includes smells for you to engage with, and has useful content that is relevant to you, you are more likely to revel in the sensory experience and become a loyal customer! Print should be about taking people on a journey, not just educating them.
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