Why Print Is a Digital Champion … Plus How to Measure Success (piworld.com)

In a world where everyone is scrambling to label themselves “data-driven,” catalog marketers and direct mailers get to claim veteran status. We were data-driven before it was cool, back when it was called “direct marketing.” And as the digital person at an agency with a long history of direct marketing, I’ve never understood the rush to abandon print marketing in favor of digital, when they so clearly complement each other.

Print is high cost, high touch, high impact, where digital is low(er) cost, low impact. What do I mean by that? We like to say print is for the important, meaning print is a high-impact driver that can really get critical messages the attention they deserve.

Take a look at average response rates: Direct mail has average response rates from 4.9% to 9%, whereas most digital channels have conversion rates ranging from 0.77% to 1.3%. But where one is weak the other is strong. Typically, print can touch a customer a handful of times per year or season at best, but it’s a powerful touch that drives action. Meanwhile, digital can follow a person everywhere year-round, keeping top-of-mind awareness high.
much more at source: https://www.piworld.com/article/why-print-is-a-digital-champion-plus-how-to-measure-success/#ne=d7f0e6e16b0d037f71fc050491da5623&utm_source=today-on-piworld&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=2020-03-10

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