Willamette Falls Paper develops kraft paper made with agricultural waste fibres (pulpandpapercanada.com)

Willamette Falls Paper Company, a non-integrated mill in West Linn, Oregon, has added a new natural kraft paper grade to its reHARVEST family of products.

Initially, Willamette Falls Paper will be producing natural kraft paper using a minimum of 30 per cent agricultural fibres – in this case, wheat straw. Natural kraft paper uses include flexible packaging applications such as paper bags, pouches and poly-coating basestocks.

The reHARVEST natural kraft paper met typical bag strength tests and has been successfully converted and printed in trials. The bags are a bright golden colour with no fibre bleaching, which the mill says is a unique attribute of straw fibre.

The natural kraft paper is FDA compliant and will be available in 30# to 70# basis weights (49 to 114 GSM).

Willamette Falls Paper has reconfigured the mill to dedicate one machine to brown grades and two machines to manufacture both high-bright coated and uncoated legacy grades. Commercial production of the natural kraft grades is estimated to start at the end of January.
more at source: https://www.pulpandpapercanada.com/willamette-falls-paper-company-develops-natural-kraft-paper-made-with-agricultural-waste-fibres/

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