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After more than 100 years in business, Midland has grown from a single Midwest location to a national paper & packaging company with offices from coast to coast.

This type of growth requires relentless effort and a continual focus on doing things right.

We bring the best products the best people and the best service to all of our customers in all of our business segments. Play the video to see how we do it.




Publication Papers

Midland National specializes in papers used for the publishing and direct mail markets. Our knowledge and experience in paper estimating, forecasting, procurement and logistics are unparalleled.


From warehousing and just-in-time inventory to simple automation and highly engineered solutions, Midland Packaging can design it, deliver it and support it all.

Commercial Printing

As the Midwest’s largest independent paper distributor, Midland Paper maintains its commitment to providing deep inventory, value-added relationships and solutions.

Specialty Paper & Film

Midland Specialty Paper and Film Division offers a comprehensive and innovative product lineup of the highest quality, affordably priced specialty substrates.


Midland Paper’s Customer Portal enables you to obtain pricing & current inventory, complete transactions and check your order status with just one click.

Sustainability is in our roots.

Development can and should be sustainable. At Midland, our commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management is at the core of everything we do. Meeting the needs of a growing world must be based on facts, data and education.

Recent Paperclips Industry News

12Jun 24

Meta Must Face Suit Over Scam Ads

A federal appellate court has revived a lawsuit by two Meta Platforms users who say they lost money after responding to fraudulent ads on Facebook. The ruling, issued last week by a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, allows Oregon resident Christopher Calise and Nebraska resident Anastasia Groschen to attempt to prove that the company violated its terms of service by allegedly failing to police Facebook ads placed by third parties. The decision stems from a lawsuit brought by Calise and Groschen in 2021, when they accused the company of soliciting fraudulent ads from advertisers based in China.
12Jun 24

Congress Urged To Revise Privacy Proposal, Completely Override State Laws

The tech industry group TechNet, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other organizations are urging lawmakers to revise a proposed federal privacy law by more sweepingly overriding state privacy statutes. The proposed American Privacy Rights Act “falls short of creating a uniform national standard due to its inadequate federal preemption of the ever-growing patchwork of state privacy laws,” the groups say in a letter sent this week to leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. As currently written, the proposed law appears to require businesses to allow consumers to opt out of online behavioral advertising -- meaning ads served based on cross-site and cross-app data. The current iteration also would require data brokers to let consumers opt out of data collection, and request deletion of their data. The measure additionally would allow consumers to sue over violations.
12Jun 24

FSC takes strong actions in Myanmar

FSC International will not withdraw from Myanmar according to a decision taken by the Board of Directors in March 2024 at the 98th Board Meeting. Further, in accordance with their decision, new certificates will not be issued in the country unless FSC’s core labour requirements are diligently implemented and audited. FSC International’s Board also agreed to suspend the Trademark License Agreement (TLA) of all certificate holders managed by Bureau Veritas – an accredited certification body. At the 98th Board Meeting, the FSC International Board of Directors reviewed the findings of two FSC-commissioned investigations conducted by FSC’s assurance partner, Assurance Services International (ASI). Investigations carried out by ASI in 2023 revealed the following: *Workers’ conditions in certificate holders are no better than those in non-certified companies. *Certification bodies are not adequately assessing certificate holders’ compliance with labour requirements. *Certificate holders have been issued with non-conformities with respect to freedom of association, protection of workers’ rights to organize, and forced labour.

Calculator Tools

At Midland we want to assist you in determining the best product for your print project. We have provided you with an array of paper conversion and usage tools.

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