After more than 100 years in business, Midland has grown from a single Midwest location to a national company with offices from coast to coast.

This type of growth requires relentless effort and a continual focus on doing things right.

We bring the best products, the best people and the best service to all of our customers in all of our business segments. Play the video to see how we do it.




Publication Papers

Midland National specializes in papers used for the publishing and direct mail markets. Our knowledge and experience in paper estimating, forecasting, procurement and logistics are unparalleled.


From warehousing and just-in-time inventory to simple automation and highly engineered solutions, Midland Packaging can design it, deliver it and support it all.

Commercial Printing

As the Midwest’s largest independent paper distributor, Midland Paper maintains its commitment to providing deep inventory, value-added relationships and solutions.

Specialty Paper & Film

Midland Specialty Paper and Film Division offers a comprehensive and innovative product lineup of the highest quality, affordably priced specialty substrates.


Midland Paper’s Customer Portal enables you to obtain pricing & current inventory, complete transactions and check your order status with just one click.

Sustainability is in our roots.

Development can and should be sustainable. At Midland, our commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management is at the core of everything we do. Meeting the needs of a growing world must be based on facts, data and education.

Recent Paperclips Industry News

23Mar 23

Kohl’s Announces Locations of 250 New Sephora at Kohl’s Opening This Year

Kohl’s announced the 250 stores that will be adding the full-sized, 2,500 square foot Sephora at Kohl’s experience in 2023. The addition of 250 new locations brings the total Sephora at Kohl’s fleet to more than 850, achieving the partnership’s initial planned goal of the Sephora at Kohl’s rollout. “We are making great strides in building a formidable beauty business with the addition of Sephora at Kohl’s,” said Karen Daoust, Kohl’s senior vice president, general manager, Sephora at Kohl’s. “The completion of our 850 stores in 2023 is just the beginning as we look to expand Sephora at Kohl’s to all stores, enhance the customer experience and deliver prestige beauty to our customers across the country.”
23Mar 23

Know Your Customer: Show Them You Know Them (

We spend a good deal of our marketing efforts incenting customers to be loyal to us; to be our brand advocates. But doesn’t loyalty go both ways? Don’t we, in turn, need to demonstrate our commitment to our customers? It’s a two-way street, after all—a dialogue. One way to display your commitment—or loyalty—to your customers is to show them you know them: who they are, where they are, what they buy, and what they want. We all experience this kind of dialogue daily online: ads served up to us reflect our searches from 5 minutes ago; recommender engines tell us what else we’d like based on what is in our baskets. These days, it’s expected. Ubiquitous, almost. But what about in print? I’d posit that sending a targeted, relevant print mail piece audience conveys a more authentic investment to your customer. The real impact comes from using data and understanding your customers’ behavior. Variable data printing allows us to create powerful, relevant direct mail that speaks to individuals on a truly 1:1 basis. Personalization allows us to move beyond mass mailings and “spray-and-pray” direct mail. Instead, we can create messages and offers based on customers’ demographics, preferences, and histories… and show them we know them. Let’s revisit a few ways to consider showing your customers you know them in print. I’ve written about them before: they are the Three Ps. read more at:
23Mar 23

ALA Reports Shocking Increase in Book Challenges in 2022 (

With book banning and legislative attacks on the freedom to read continuing to surge across the country, the American Library Association announced today that it tracked a stunning 1,269 "demands to censor library books and resources" in 2022, the highest number of attempted book bans since ALA began compiling data about censorship in libraries more than 20 years ago, and nearly double the record-shattering 729 challenges recorded in 2021. In a release, ALA officials said the challenges involved a record 2,571 unique titles—a stunning 38% increase from the 1,858 unique titles targeted for censorship in 2021. Once again, the vast majority of works challenged were written by or about members of the LGBTQIA+ community and people of color; 58% of reported challenges targeted works in schools and 41% targeted materials in public libraries.

Calculator Tools

At Midland we want to assist you in determining the best product for your print project. We have provided you with an array of paper conversion and usage tools.

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