Midland National’s team of experts have developed a service platform that is unmatched in the industry. We treat procurement as both science and art, and with these services you will see why:

Custom Paper Usage Estimation

We will estimate and track your paper requirements and costs for each project. We can compare the impact that different page counts, quantities, trim sizes and basis weights will have on your budget.

Consumption Analytics

We measure your true and actual paper consumption on press to track and analyze the performance of the paper and printer. We then run analytical reports to highlight savings and efficiencies.

Postage & Freight Estimators

We can compare different page counts, trim sizes, quantities and basis weights and show the impact they will have on your bottom line. We will present new ideas and help you find ways to fit within your budget.

Market Updates

We closely monitor the paper and pulp markets and key indices to make sure our clients have the best possible input costs to lead to the most beneficial paper programs. We also have internal experts who monitor what is happening in the paper and pulp world to keep you abreast of the most current and relevant industry news.

Environmental Audits

We can look at the resources you are using from procurement to delivery, and provide a detailed audit, complete with proven suggestions to ensure you are doing your part to be as green as you want to be.

Mill tours

Paper is a fascinating thing, and there is nothing like visiting a mill to truly understand this powerful medium. Talk with one of our representatives today to set up a trip to where it all begins.

“Paper Savvy” Seminars

Midland has experts on staff who can provide insight into how paper is sourced and manufactured. These classes include information on all aspects of the paper making process, and you will learn about terminology, grades, finishes, environmental certifications, and even give you a peek into how we determine the best paper match for your business.

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