After more than 100 years in business, Midland has grown from a single Midwest location to a national company with offices from coast to coast.

This type of growth requires relentless effort and a continual focus on doing things right.

We bring the best products, the best people and the best service to all of our customers in all of our business segments. Play the video to see how we do it.




Publication Papers

Midland National specializes in papers used for the publishing and direct mail markets. Our knowledge and experience in paper estimating, forecasting, procurement and logistics are unparalleled.


From warehousing and just-in-time inventory to simple automation and highly engineered solutions, Midland Packaging can design it, deliver it and support it all.

Commercial Printing

As the Midwest’s largest independent paper distributor, Midland Paper maintains its commitment to providing deep inventory, value-added relationships and solutions.

Specialty Paper & Film

Midland Specialty Paper and Film Division offers a comprehensive and innovative product lineup of the highest quality, affordably priced specialty substrates.


Midland Paper’s Customer Portal enables you to obtain pricing & current inventory, complete transactions and check your order status with just one click.

Sustainability is in our roots.

Development can and should be sustainable. At Midland, our commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management is at the core of everything we do. Meeting the needs of a growing world must be based on facts, data and education.

Recent Paperclips Industry News

12Aug 22

Don’t Miss the Keynote at the Fall NEMOA Summit

Join J.Schmid President & CCO Brent Niemuth at the Fall NEMOA Summit in Boston Harbor, MA where he'll deliver a keynote session on Messaging That Matters: Creating Powerful Content Across Channels. But that's not all! In addition to the Keynote Address, Brent will lead a hands-on workshop with Cindy Marshall, Founder & CEO of SHINE Strategy and Jason Baer, VP Sales & Marketing of Vermont Teddy Bear. This interactive session will explore the latest trends in Print Marketing. It's perfect for marketers who want to do a deep-dive into Strategic Planning, Merchandising, Creative & Messaging, Formats, and Circulation. Space is limited so register now! If you're not already familiar with NEMOA, here's what you need to know: • It's the only summit for true omnichannel marketers, helping brands harness the power of print in the marketing mix. • The thought-provoking discussions and enriching sessions are 100% guaranteed to drive actionable insights. • And one more thing...we can offer you a 15% discount with code BRD15! That's right, it's a perk we get as a board member. So if you're interested in going, register now at:
12Aug 22

Brand Voice: It’s More Than a Tagline

Over the last few years, the concept of ‘brand voice’ has been construed to mean how your favorite potato chip company feels about the latest socio-political development. There are two main problems with this perspective. First, consumers are smarter than that. They recognize the inherently self-serving nature of that kind of commentary. Secondly, it narrows the scope of what brand voice actually means. Brand voice isn’t just about the copy on your website or in your emails, and it surely isn’t just a tagline – it is all forms of communication between your brand and consumers. From the literal copy to your packaging, voice is a manifestation of a brands mission, vision, values and story. It is something literal, yet ethereal, it should survive CMO changes, product alterations, and re-branding exercises. This isn’t to say it should stay the exact same, over the years it should evolve and grow but always remain a recognizable, human part of your brand and how you communicate. Let’s take a look at how three different brands are using their unique and authentic voices across a variety of mediums and touch points at:
12Aug 22

USPS Average Mail Delivery Time Consistent at 2.5 Days

FY2022 fourth quarter service performance scores covering July 1 through August 5 included: *First-Class Mail: 93.1 percent of First-Class Mail delivered on time against the USPS service standard, consistent with performance from the fiscal third quarter. *Marketing Mail: 94.2 percent of Marketing Mail delivered on time against the USPS service standard, consistent with performance from the fiscal third quarter. *Periodicals: 86.3 percent of Periodicals delivered on time against the USPS service standard, consistent with performance from the fiscal third quarter.

Calculator Tools

At Midland we want to assist you in determining the best product for your print project. We have provided you with an array of paper conversion and usage tools.

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