Equipment Maintenance

Limit Downtime For Shipping & Packaging Equipment

At Midland Paper, we know that keeping your packaging & manufacturing lines running is what keeps the lights on. Downtime is the enemy of any business, so it’s important to maintain your investments.

Scheduled Maintenance & Parts Supply

With Midland’s team of equipment technicians, you can rest assured that the money spent on your facilities’ machines will never be wasted. From preventative maintenance to parts supply and trouble shooting, our vast experience with all types of machinery ensures you do not have to think about this crucial part of your operation.

If something goes down, Midland will get it back up. We pride ourselves on a foundation of service to our customers, unparalleled in the industry.




Your business deserves options. With Midland’s global network of suppliers, we find quality products from sustainable sources, bringing innovative ideas, consistent supply, a wide choice of specifications and the best value in the market.

automated packaging machinery for shipping


Henry Ford said, “If you need a machine and don’t buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it.”

Let Midland’s team of technical specialists give you the clarity you want in all of your automated applications.


Midland’s expanded product lines include the janitorial and facility supplies that satisfy your company’s building-maintenance requirements in the restroom, the break room and the shop floor.


A standard solution doesn’t fit all problems.  Midland’s expert structural and graphic designers are here to guide you along the custom packaging journey.  Regardless of your product, our experts can design a solution to meet your needs from Concept to Consumer.

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