Industries Served

Midland National has built its business on a platform of always providing the lowest total cost to our wide variety of customers. In particular, we have helped our core customer base by understanding their business from the ground up, and taking the mysteries out of their procurement process.


Paper, postage and print are the largest segments of any catalogers expense sheet, so we find the best ways to reduce the total cost of these key areas. With our deep experience in the catalog world, we can look at ways to trim your bottom line with proven analytics and global sourcing.


Magazine publishers have been impacted by the digital revolution more than any other print medium, and our group of experts is at the forefront of managing this transition. It is now more important than ever to reach your desired market and keep your revenue pointed in the right direction. Midland will guide you with our market analysis, business expertise and industry knowledge.

Book Publishers

Electronic media has attacked bottom lines of publishers throughout the industry, so it is more important than ever to be informed on how to manage costs. Through strategic sourcing, stock analysis, and overall cost reductions, Midland will serve as a trusted consultant in this complex process.

Direct Mail & Inserts

With the postal system in upheaval, the marketplace feels increasingly crowded and chaotic. Thus, it is so important that your direct mail and insert pieces show the true value of your brand, and not get lost in the shuffle. Midland will help you find the right stock and make sure it is ready to print when you need it.

Specialty Digital Printing

Midland knows when a trend is becoming a movement, and has invested heavily in innovative products and specialists for all types of digital media. Let us use our Specialty Paper and Film group to serve as consultants on the latest technology for digital offset, inkjet and other specialty substrates to navigate the biggest transition the print industry has seen in decades.

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