EFI Delivers Up To 2X Faster Processing Speed for Superwide-Format Printers with Latest Fiery Release

At this year’s ISA International Sign Expo, Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (Nasdaq:EFII) is premiering new versions of its EFI™ Fiery® digital front ends (DFEs) for superwide-format printers. The newest-version Fiery proServer Premium with powerful GPU hardware acceleration combined with the latest Fiery DFE software, together deliver up to 2X faster performance on EFI superwide-format printers. Plus, this software update supports more than 70 new third-party printers and delivers additional productivity, color management, usability, and integration enhancements.
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Clearwater Paper Adds New Board Member

Clearwater Paper Corporation (NYSE: CLW) today announced that John J. Corkrean and Joe W. Laymon have been elected to the company’s board of directors, effective May 1, 2019. “We are excited to welcome both Mr. Corkrean and Mr. Laymon to our board and look forward to their perspectives and contributions,” said Alexander Toeldte, chair of the board. “John’s deep knowledge of finance, operations, and business strategy, as well as his accounting expertise and Joe’s knowledge of executive compensation matters, as well as his experience serving on the health, safety, security & environmental committee of another board, will be invaluable to Clearwater Paper.”
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Ilim Group’s Revenue Increases by 40% in 2018

According to Ilim Group’s annual report for 2018 (RAS), its financial performance has improved significantly vs 2017. In 2018, the revenue amounted to RUB 155.7 bn (vs RUB 110.4 bn in 2017), income before tax — RUB 45.3 bn (vs RUB 24.1 bn in 2017), net profit — RUB 35.6 bn (vs RUB 18.9 bn in 2017). Production volumes also increased in 2018 to reach 3.4 million tons. A positive trend was retained with respect to all types of products. Last year Ilim Group mills produced 2.1 million tons of pulp, 870 thousand tons of packaging materials, 340 thousand tons of white papers, 80 thousand tons of forest chemicals and 229 million m2 of corrugated packaging. Ilim has thus retained its leadership in the pulp and paper market in terms of volumes.
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Ilim Group Investments in 2018 Exceed Rub 23 Billion

In 2018, Ilim Group invested more than RUB 23 billion in the upgrade of the existing mills and construction of new production facilities (according to RAS financial statements). Ilim’s investment program covers a period of 5 years through 2021, with total investments around RUB 200 billion. As a result of the upgrade of the existing facilities and launch of new capacities, finished products output will increase by 1 million tons, including 700 thousand tons of packaging materials and 300 thousand tons of market pulp.
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Metsä Board’s Comparable Operating Result in January–March 2019 Was Eur 62 Million

“Our comparable operating result in January–March was EUR 62 million, which is approximately at the level of the previous quarter and slightly lower than in the corresponding period last year. Our total paperboard deliveries grew slightly from the previous quarter, in line with our expectations. Profitability improved, particularly due to the good prices of and demand for folding boxboard in both Europe and the Americas. High-quality European folding boxboard made from fresh fiber has been in particularly high demand in North America, and we have been able to meet this demand. The lightness of our paperboards is one of our most important competitive factors, and we continue to actively develop this.
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SCA Releases Interim Report Q1 2019

Earnings for the first quarter of 2019 improved compared with the preceding quarter as well as the same quarter last year. The improvement in earnings was driven mainly from Paper and Wood. Higher pulp volumes due to the continued ramp-up of the expanded pulp mill Östrand also made a positive contribution to earnings. In the Pulp segment, work is continuing to gradually trim the expanded pulp mill Östrand to reach full capacity. Both production and deliveries increased compared with the preceding quarter. Following a strong pulp market in 2018 with several price increases, pulp prices fell in Europe during the first quarter of 2019. The pulp market in China improved after a weaker fourth quarter.
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UPM Interim Report Q1/2019: UPM Continues to Grow Sales and Earnings

"The first quarter of the year lived up to our expectations, and we are thus able to report the 24th consecutive quarter of increased earnings. In five of our six business areas, prices increased more than offsetting the higher costs and keeping overall margins healthy. Our sales grew by 7% and comparable EBIT increased by 5% to EUR 374 million. Operating cash flow was strong, and our balance sheet remained debt-free even after all leases (EUR 495 million) were recognized on the balance sheet in accordance with the new IFRS16 accounting standard.
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More Attention to Packaging

According to DS Smith’s own research, the reduction of empty space transported in various forms of packaging globally promises saving potentials up to USD 46 billion in the upcoming years. In addition to moderating packaging costs, smart packaging solutions lead to savings in logistics costs and mitigate environmental impacts. Now, let us see how it works in practice!
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Metsä Board Renews Its Folding Boxboard Portfolio

Metsä Board – part of Metsä Group – has created a new, enhanced folding boxboard portfolio, designed specifically to help brand owners and packaging converters tackle the big issues in packaging: saving resources, reducing carbon footprint and ensuring product safety. Besides being better for the environment through lightweighting, the improved product range offers customer benefits by boosting brand appeal with its enhanced and balanced visual properties. The refreshed, simplified selection of products further helps improve Metsä Board’s folding boxboards’ already leading quality consistency, as well as supply reliability.
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