4 Reasons to Decrease Email Frequency

As the saying goes, less is more — and nowhere is this ideology more relevant than with email marketing. As subscribers are becoming more sophisticated and expecting personalized brand experiences, marketers need to tailor email frequency based on individual engagement and preferences.

While most marketers do understand the importance of not over-emailing subscribers, many still stick with this outdated practice. However, receiving too many emails from a brand is one of the biggest drivers of subscriber dissatisfaction, as highlighted by a recent survey from Yes Lifecycle.

If this isn’t reason enough to consider adjusting your email send frequency, here are four more reasons that prove the case that less is more:

1. Improved Inbox Placement – Mailbox providers put significant emphasis on subscriber engagement as a way to determine inbox placement.

2. Money Saved – Although sending an email is a relatively inexpensive form of communication compared to other marketing channels, mailing at a high frequency adds up cost over time.

3. Increased Engagement – As email frequency increases, not only do complaints rise, but subscriber engagement can also begin to wane.

4. More Time Spent on Email Strategy and Advancement – With less of a focus on increased frequency, marketers will have more time to spend on advancing their email programs.
more detail at source: https://www.pubexec.com/article/4-reasons-to-decrease-email-frequency/

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