A perfect pair: Sappi and the new ACTEGA Terra calendar

Algro Design® Card from Sappi provides the ideal substrate for overprint varnish from Europe’s leading manufacturer ACTEGA Terra in its new 2017 annual calendar.

Inspiration for packaging printing: As in previous years, the popular new edition of the photo wall calendar from ACTEGA Terra GmbH reflects a variety of varnish finishing on the bright white  Algro Design Card carton board  from Sappi. The high quality of the printing substrate once again strongly differentiates the calendar from commonly used image-printing paper types. The theme this year is “Cultures”: The calendar includes photographs that focus on people, their habits, everyday activities, their lives.

“After exotic landscapes, animals, cities and underwater worlds, it was time for something new with images that touch us emotionally and that express vitality. The calendar takes the viewer across continents and highlights what makes our earth so interesting and multifaceted… just as multifaceted as the world of overprint varnishes,” according to Timo Kondziela, Head of Marketing at ACTEGA Terra GmbH in Lehrte. Each month highlights a different finishing technique. “It is intended to show our customers that they can achieve high-quality finishing effects with industrial machine configurations,” Kondziela adds .

The individual month pages were printed and finished in offset – except for the use of screen printing on the August calendar page – on a KBA Rapida 105 PRO. On the brilliant, white surface of Algro Design Card 235 g/m2, all carefully selected varnish finishes are perfectly highlighted. This was confirmed by the printing and process technicians involved in producing the calendar at KBA in Radebeul: Algro Design is characterised by a smooth and extremely dust-free surface and high dimensional stability. This leads to homogeneous and consistent results during the print finishing process. Experience has shown that even multiple print runs can be carried out with a high level of reliability.

High-quality carton as a distinguishing feature

This in-demand calendar in the printing industry appeals, thanks to its combinations of matt, gloss and high gloss varnishes, drip off systems and pearlescent gloss applications. The finishing techniques also include metallic, sensory and screen printing effects. A breakthrough feature is the use of a highly reactive UV gloss varnish for LED UV applications with LED UV inks for the month of October image depicting a couple dressed in national costume in front of an alpine panorama. The decision as to which varnish effects were used was based heavily on the statement the image was intended to make.

“Eye-catching images are simply very much in demand today,” Kondziela says. “Varnish effects that create visible and tangible differences between printed products influence our purchasing decisions.” The “Cultures” calendar consciously combines visual and sensory elements. For example, the January image depicting an Inuit during a hunt shows silvery, glossy ice created using a water-based pearlescent varnish. A UV matt varnish from the print unit provides the desired contrast on the horizon. In addition, the traditional Inuit reindeer pelt skin has been given a particularly soft feel.

For ACTEGA Terra, who want to give their  premium calendar due kudos and impact, Sappi Algro Design Card carton board made from virgin fibres represents an ideal substrate and guarantees maximum precision, high quality and consistency. The high quality of the carton board, its look and feel, and in particular the bright white finish and consistent surface create clearer, livelier images in the printing, ensure increased contrast, at the same time giving an impression of greater space.

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