AAP StatShot: Publisher Revenue Increased by 7.2% in February 2019

Overall participating publisher revenue was $754.0 million in February 2019, an increase of $50.8 million (+7.2%) compared to 2018, according to the Association of American Publishers (AAP) StatShot Monthly report. For the first two months of 2019, publisher revenue was $1.82 billion for all tracked categories (Trade, PreK-12 Instructional Materials, Higher Education Course Materials, Professional Publishing and University Presses.)

Trade Publishing
In the first two months of 2019, publisher net revenue for trade (consumer) books, including sales to bookstores, wholesalers, direct to consumer, online retailers, etc., was $1.06 billion, an increase of 3.2% from January-February in 2018. Increased revenue for Religious Presses (20.8%) and Children’s/Young Adult (7.5%) offset a decline (-1.0%) in Adult Books as compared to the same period in 2018.

February 2019 saw strong gains for hardback books, with revenue increasing 18.0% from the prior year to $172.9 million, due to across-the-board increases in each of the trade categories. Hardback Adult Books increased 13.4%, hardback Children’s Young/Adult increased 16.4% and hardback books from Religious Presses increased 29.3% compared to February 2018.

In February 2019, revenues for participating education and scholarly publishers were $232.8 million, relatively flat (+1.0%) compared to February 2018. Both Higher Education course materials (+10.7%) and University Presses (+6.5%) saw increases year-over-year compared to February 2018.
more details at: https://newsroom.publishers.org/aap-statshot-publisher-revenue-increased-by-72-in-february-2019/

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