All Utopia Coated Inkjet now FSC® Certified Standard – No Upcharge

Effective immediately, all making and stock orders of Utopia® Coated Inkjet are now Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) (FSC® C007796) Certified. There is no upcharge for this environmental product feature. This includes the Utopia Book Inkjet Matte and Book Inkjet Matte PE products.

The change was made to offer chain-of-custody certification benefits to your printer customers and their clients. It provides the highest level of assurance to environmentally-concerned buyers that all fiber used in these products is sourced responsibly.

The digital high-speed inkjet web printing platform conserves paper and reduces cost by allowing smaller, more economical run sizes and less waste in the supply chain.  FSC certification adds to these environmental benefits, with no additional cost.

We offer a complete range of Coated Inkjet finishes: Dull, Matte, and our industry-leading Gloss. Appleton Coated’s Utopia Inkjet products are specially designed for high-speed, four-color, inkjet web platforms.  They deliver proven performance and controlled ink absorption – with no need for a bonding agent or priming solution.

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