Amcor and Selinko launch InTact

Amcor Capsules, world leader in creation of premium capsules, and Selinko, the object identification company, are proud to announce the launch of InTact, the first high-quality connected overcap to protect wines & spirits against counterfeiting and fraudulent refilling.

By using an NFC (Near Field Communication) smartphone or device to tap the chip embedded in the tag together with the Selinko mobile application platform, any industry player or consumer can now easily verify the authenticity of their bottle.

According to the magazine Wine Spectator, 20% of wine sold worldwide is counterfeit1.

The rise of the mobile generates new usages and habits (video chat, mobile shopping, contactless payment etc.). The Internet of Things demonstrates a strong growth and the Gartner group announces 20,8 Bn objects connected by 2020. Wines and Spirits will also be part of this Internet of Things revolution. 75% of Chinese consumers would rather purchase a wine with an anti-counterfeiting technology.2

When it comes to IoT and secure payment, NFC is the leading enabling technology. Today more than 330 smartphone models are already NFC enabled3.

Amcor Capsules has taken up a technical challenge by developing a specific overcap to directly embark the NFC tag. The qualitative decoration process and the discreet integration of the tag allow brands to maintain a strong and premium image. InTact is a ready-to-cap solution that requires no change on the bottling line.

“We are very proud of the tremendous work accomplished by our R&D engineers”, says Arturo Martorelli, Sales & Marketing Director of Amcor Capsules. “Our priority was to facilitate the implementation of the capsule on our customers’ bottling lines. This led us to integrate the NFC tag directly in the overcap. Besides, the marketing managers appreciate the discretion of the solution that causes no disruption of the pack while maintaining a high brand image.”

Amcor’s connected overcap combined with Selinko’s platform enables wine and spirit brands to fight counterfeits. Anyone tapping the overcap with an NFC smartphone can authenticate the bottle, verify its status (opened/not opened yet) and get information about the product (vintage, production, history, serving tips, etc.) as well as the brand. Selinko’s platform also allows brands to better control their distribution network to detect gray markets by involving the end consumer as final controller.

Selinko provides unique consumer engagement services, while collecting real-time consumer insights. InTact marketing services remain active even after the opening of the bottle to pursue the experience anytime, anywhere. The level of security of the NFC tag can be adapted to the brand needs and budget: from no security for marketing engagement for instance up to bank-level security.
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