American Litho Adds Harris & Bruno Custom Coating System to HP T240 HD Digital Press Suite (

American Litho (ALitho), one of the nation’s fastest growing print and cross-channel marketing strategists, has added a custom coating system to its HP T240 HD digital press suite, greatly increasing the speed and design flexibility offered for all clients. The company recently published a blog about this coating system and its installation.

The new coater is the only one of its kind in the world, according to Tyler Grostic, lead installation engineer in charge of service and training for Harris & Bruno International, the system’s manufacturer.

“This is a fully custom, high-speed system that handles a broad range of specialty coatings, including UV and aqueous coatings,” Grostic explained. “It works in duplex, applying coatings to both sides of the press sheet, and is compatible with an incredible array of paper stocks.”

The coater works with up to seven ink colors, keeping pace with the amazing speed of HP’s digital presses, he added.

During the installation, Grostic and the ALitho team ran a full series of tests with various inks and substrates to how the system would perform under different conditions. “After making all the needed adjustments, ALitho now has a high-powered working solution,” he stated.

The team ran into a slight power source-related issue, but the system immediately sent data to HP’s support team and the matter was quickly resolved. “This speaks to the strong relationship American Litho has with HP,” Grostic added.

Harris & Bruno has been building integrated coaters and primers that are compatible with high-end presses for the last 8 years, Grostic reports. “We are seeing a lot of growth in this area as companies prepare for larger campaigns with tougher specs and more aggressive schedules,” he said. “We are here to assure American Litho can deliver on its quality promises.”

Tony Ferruzza, head of digital production for ALitho, is enthusiastic about what the new system can do for clients in retail (in-store and on-line), travel, med tech, financial services, education and more.
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