Consumers Will Share Data For Retail Benefits: Study (

Consumers want personalized benefits, so much so that they’ll share some personal details to get them, according to the State of Consumer & Retailer Data Survey 2020, a study by data management company Stibo Systems.

But only up to a point.

Among shoppers, 49% will provide data to get loyalty program points. Yet only 23% will do so to receive weekly coupons.

And a mere 11% will trade information for personalized product recommendations, location-based offers or streamlined in-store service.

Moreover, brands have to be careful about sharing the personally identifiable information they do pull in — 70% of consumers want their address/phone number protected above all else.

Shoppers seem less worried about seemingly anonymous online behavior –15% demand that their browsing history be protected and 9% say the same about their cart contents and 6% their purchase history.

Stibo surveyed over 500 retailers and 500 consumers.
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