Don’t just react. Reimagine (

Man, this is hard. COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. As if running a business wasn’t hard enough, now the rules have completely changed. What are brands supposed to do now? What should we say? How should we act?

I’ve been watching closely how brands—and people in general—have responded to this crisis. Are there trends we can identify and learn from? What’s working? Beyond the typical “We’re in this together” and “We’re here for you” messaging, there appears to be two very distinct buckets we’re falling into. Some people are simply reacting. They’re reacting to the “new normal” by adjusting their daily lives and coping with the cards they’ve been dealt. Companies have been caught on their heels and are scrambling to react to a situation that is overwhelming. It feels like all they can do is react, then pivot the best they can. There is no playbook for this.

Yet, some people are using this opportunity to reimagine a new way of doing things. Yes, out of necessity (or pure boredom), but also out of curiosity and ingenuity. Some brands have delivered a new level of emotionally engaging, empathetic and inspiring messaging. These brands have found a way to connect in a super authentic and memorable way. Social media platforms are spilling over with shared videos that remind us all that we can still believe in the goodness of humanity. We’ve all seen them (I’m not crying, you’re crying!). We’ve also seen the cool live performances from our favorite musicians in their home studios, or the Zoom screen-shared collection of choirs performing together, even though they’re not together. And the unique ways people are celebrating birthday parties from a distance and finding new ways to share a happy hour with friends they haven’t been able to gather with for weeks.
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