End-of-Year Nonprofit Appeals: One Key Area Where Printers Can Help

By Chris Yuhasz, POV Solutions

Nonprofit customers depend so much on their end-of-year donation campaigns that it’s hard to overstate just how crucial this time of year is. And there are some pretty compelling numbers to illustrate just what I’m talking about:

  • Almost one-third of nonprofit donations happen in December
  • First-time donations made in December are 52% larger than those made at other times of the year
  • Half of nonprofits get the majority of their donations from October to December
  • The last three days of the year account for 12% of all nonprofit donations

(Source: Winspire)

At my company, we recommend our nonprofit customers already have a solid plan in place that they’re actually implementing by September.

In other words, their campaigns should be in full swing, not necessarily in actual donor outreach but certainly in developing their campaign components — the letters, postcards, emails, web pages, etc.

If they’re behind, like, way behind, they’ll need to do some serious prioritizing and simplifying when it comes to the tactics they’re going to use. (For example, maybe they should do a self-contained mailer rather than a multi-piece effort.)

And if they have to go into rush mode because of poor planning, especially on their direct mail pieces, that can, unfortunately, increase their costs for a number of reasons.

On the other hand, nonprofits — whether in rush mode or not — have a lot of opportunities to save costs, spend smarter, and be much more strategic with their direct mail year-end appeals.

And guess who’s in a unique position to not just provide a service during this critical time — but also offer some helpful insights?

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