Holmen Paper pays tribute to printed communication

Holmen Paper is making powerful efforts to reach out to new markets and new customers with an enhanced product and service offering. Part of the work is the development of the company’s customer magazine, a testament to the unique properties of printed communication.

As a producer of paper, the customer magazine Paper is a natural way to showcase Holmen Paper’s products while providing the opportunity to contribute knowledge and inspiration in a way that printed media is best suited for.

As Tyler Brûlé, editor-in-chief of Monocle, says in one of the featured articles: “The magazine is getting increasingly “bookish”, more specialised, fatter and longer-lasting.”

Communicating the benefits of products based on renewable raw materials from sustainably managed forests is a recurring theme in Paper, as a part of the work to position the recyclable paper in relation to the recycled. Holmen is one of the main suppliers of fresh fibre for Europe’s recycled papers.

“Customer magazines are only successful if they can offer something of real value to their audience, whether they are free or paid for,” says Helena Lang, editor at Sainsbury’s magazine in Paper.

The magazine is printed on Holmen TRND, a modern paper that gives the magazine a luxurious feel with its matte surface and good readability. The cover is Invercote, a world-class leading paperboard produced by Iggesund Paperboard.

“I am extremely proud of our new magazine – Paper. It inspires new ideas, providing knowledge and widening the perception of paper as a product. The magazine also reflects our ambitions as a company – thinking, innovative and future-oriented,” says Jonas Lindell, Communications Director at Holmen Paper.

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