Mohawk Announces A Maker’s Field Guide to Digital Materials and Digital Processes

Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc., North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty materials for commercial and digital printing is proud to announce the release of A Maker’s Field Guide to Digital Materials and Digital Processes, the latest in a series of comprehensive, printed guides designed to bring inspiration and education to designers, their clients and printers on the importance of choosing the right materials and process for print.

“The new Maker’s Field Guide to Digital Materials and Digital Processes is the latest expression of Mohawk’s ongoing commitment to demonstrating the pivotal role materials play in the success of any project designed for print,” said Chris Harrold, Sr.Vice President, Marketing & Creative at Mohawk. “This edition should prove to designers that digital printing is no longer a compromise, but a sophisticated, agile means to produce beautiful print on an impressive range of materials from fine paper to durable synthetics.”

A Maker’s Field Guide to Digital Materials and Digital Processes was created by Hybrid Design of San Francisco to complement Mohawk’s ongoing series of educational Field Guides. Third in the series, this new Field Guide was designed to demonstrate the flexibility of the latest digital printing presses through print demonstrations showing both paper and non-paper materials.

“The new maker needs to work smarter and faster; this means considering design beyond the screen—using materials and processes to translate ideas into physical experiences,” observes Dora Drimalas, Principal and Executive Creative Director at Hybrid. “From speed to iteration to experimentation, digital printing is a tool that has evolved to meet the nimble needs of the new maker. It’s time we started thinking big(er) about print.”

A Maker’s Field Guide to Digital Materials and Digital Processes recasts digital printing as an answer to the agility of modern workflow. It meets the needs of faster timelines, collaboration, iteration, personalization and the ever-climbing expectations for beauty supported by function. In short we are at a moment in time where the tools for printing are catching up to the needs of the new maker.

The entire 71 page book, including the cover and dust jacket, demonstrates 22 different digitally printed materials and is organized in three useful and high-impact sections:
1.Introduction / Make Good Great – This section provides an introduction to the harmonious relationship between ideas, materials and process, including a printed demonstration of the top three digital print techniques followed by an eye-catching composition showing a diverse range of materials from durable papers to magnets readily available from Mohawk.
2.Printed Samples / Materials with Purpose – This section features six unique sample projects; each suggesting how to use paper in combination with a specialty or a synthetic material. A range of printing techniques from simple single color to wide format inkjet as well as high fidelity, full color printing demonstrate just how far digital print has evolved. Leave your bias at the door, each print sample project is sure to open your eyes to new possibilities.
3.Resources / Become the Digital Print Expert – Besides offering a short-hand summary of the preceding 59 pages of the book, this section is loaded with inspirational and educational resources along with tactical tools designed to get you from ideation to making in the here and now.

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