Neenah Paper Announces Price Increase

Neenah is announcing a price increase of approximately 3% on commercial, specialty and packaging papers effective October 1, 2018. The attached table provides specific pricing information for all brands that are increasing.

The following brands are exempt from this increase: NEENAH® 100% Cotton, STARDREAM 2.0, LEATHERLIKE, REEF and LABEL Papers as well as select specialty brands.

The increase will apply to the following grades: Writing, Text & Cover Papers – ASTROKING® Papers; ASTROPARCHE® Papers; CLASSIC COLUMNS® Papers; CLASSIC CREST® Papers; CLASSIC® Laid Papers; CLASSIC® Linen Papers; CLASSIC® Stipple Papers; CLASSIC® Techweave Papers; CLASSIC® Woodgrain Papers; CLEARFOLD® Papers; CONSERVATION® Papers; CORONADO® SST Papers; EAMES™ Papers; ENVIRONMENT® Papers; ESSE® Papers; HOWARD® Linen; MONNALISA® Papers; MOONDREAM® Papers; NATURAL EVOLUTION Papers: OXFORD® Papers; PLIKE® Papers; ROYAL SUNDANCE® Papers; SLIDE™ Papers; SO…SILK® Papers; STARDREAM® Papers; STARWHITE® Papers; SUEDETEX® Papers; TETON® Papers; TOUCHE’® Papers; UV/ULTRA®II. Bright Papers – ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers; EXACT BRIGHTS® Papers. Technical & Specialty Papers – EXACT DIGITAL® Color Copy; EXACT® Index, Tag, Vellum Bristol; NEENAH® Blotter Papers; NEENAH® Digital Color Copy. Packaging & Label Papers – NEENAH® Folding Board; NEENAH IMAGEMAX® Paper Card. Specialty Board & Coverings – ADIRONDACK COVER; ALLOY®; CORVON® (incl. all assoc. sub brands); ECOREL; HYFLEX® Papers; KENSINGTON®; KIVAR®; LaCREMA®; LEXIDE®; LEXOTONE®; METAL-X; MULTICOLOR® Papers; NUVOLUXE; PELLAQ; PERMALEX; SEDONA® Cover; SENZO; SILKTOUCH; SKIVERTEX® (incl. all assoc. sub brands). Cotton Fiber Papers* (*Corresponding envelopes increasing 2.5%) – ATLAS® Bond; CANALETTO Papers; CAPITOL BOND® Papers; CLASSIC COTTON® Papers; CRANE’S CREST® & CRANE’S LETTRA® Papers; FOX RIVER SELECT® Papers; GILBERT® Cotton; NEENAH® Bond & NEENAH® Laser; NEUTECH® Cotton Papers; ROYAL COTTON® Papers; WILD® Papers;

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