New Year, New Press Ready to Run

Since our last update in the October 2016 employee newsletter, we have made some significant milestones on the new press installation.

During the month of November we saw the arrival of the majority of the new press with over 40 truckloads of press components, supplies and tools brought in. All the major components were delivered and assembled over six days. The most challenging part was the delivery and placement of the dryer. It was a tight squeeze to get it past the rollstands on 460 and 461, but the skill and patience of the crews from JBI and Goss got the job done.

One of the most interesting parts of the component placement was the use of a Versa-Lift. This was the large grey fork lift that was operated by remote control. The driver was able to be at the placement spot in order to make precise minute moves. This was especially useful when stacking the upper folder, ribbon deck and gate folder sections. More than a few people had to do a double take when they saw the Versa-Lift move without someone in the driver’s seat.

Late December focused on the construction of the press booth. The project was headed up by Bob Miller, our Building Maintenance Manager, who collaborated with press supervision, electrical and building maintenance crews, and John Reinert, our Equipment Maintenance Director, to construct the perfect control center for the new press.

And as we rang in the New Year, the RIMA stacking system arrived for immediate installation. The early weeks of January will be focused on “Power On” testing as well as charging the chilled water system and testing the pumps.

We are on schedule for late January testing of the press with production to start thereafter.

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