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One year ago, the Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB) launched a national promotional campaign to slow the decline in paper usage and grow the demand for paper-based packaging. I am happy to report we are off to a great start, in no small part because of the 55 companies who fund the Paper Checkoff. So first, let me say thank you to these companies which brought the Paper Checkoff to life and who support it with their time and treasure.

I could never have predicted that our TV commercials would have been viewed on-line by more than 4M people! Or that more than 36,000 social media fans across 6 social media platforms would be buzzing about our industry’s products creating 6M engagements – that’s viewing our videos, sharing our content or visiting our website to learn more. Or, that every time our TV ads air on broadcast TV, we receive email after email from viewers who appreciate the stories we share about how achieving life’s important moments are better with paper and packaging. One recent Tweet, typical of many we get, says, “Yes, I do always cry at the paper commercial of the little boy trying to send paper airplanes to his dad in the military.”

These commercials and the integrated marketing campaign surrounding them have brought pride to the employees who work in our industry and awareness among people –consumers – who had started to take for granted our products and their continued relevance in their lives.

One year into the campaign we are now able to report that attitudes about our industry’s products are changing for the better, and that people still value the role of paper and packaging as they go about being successful in their daily lives. Our Attitude and Usage survey, reveals that audience attitudes among those who have seen our ads is changing. For example, in the target audience who recall seeing campaign ads, fully 86% of people (up from 73% when the campaign started) say that paper continues to play an important role in their lives, even as technology becomes more advanced. And attitudes that products feel more premium when they come in paper-based product packaging are 14% more positive, up from 52% to 66%.

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