Push Solutions Doubles Up On Powerful Wide-Format Innovations From Fujifilm (piworld.com)

Push Solutions, a New Berlin, Wis.-based print service provider, has doubled its wide-format LED-UV printing power with Fujifilm’s Acuity F and Acuity LED 1600 II presses.

At its core, Push Solutions is a kit-packing house, specializing in national distribution for retail support, with a heavy focus on print management, distribution and supply chain.

“We are extremely happy with our recent acquisition of the Acuity F,” says Brad Flagge, president, Push Solutions. “We chose the Acuity F because of the productivity; the double-bed capacity is what we needed. The quality is unbelievable; it’s truly superior to other presses in this segment.”

Adds Nick Bova, vice president, Push Solutions, “To go a step further, the versatility of the output is key. We are printing on a variety of items we never thought possible, including shelving, drains and stainless steel. It’s opening new doors for us, while maintaining an element of quality and accuracy on those pieces that are defining strong selling features for us. The Acuity F has performed very well on every substrate we’ve ever attempted, and we are now able to respond to our customer needs much faster; it’s exciting.”

The Acuity F is the most productive printer in the popular Acuity Series. It combines more than eight years of market leading image quality with leading edge engineering and ink technology to deliver a state-of-the-art platform capable of a wide range of print applications. With a maximum print speed of more than 1,600 square feet per hour, the Acuity F is built for production.
more at source: https://www.piworld.com/article/push-solutions-doubles-up-on-powerful-wide-format-innovations-from-fujifilm/#ne=d7f0e6e16b0d037f71fc050491da5623&utm_source=today-on-piworld&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=2019-05-29

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