Quad, RRD, IWCO Direct Provide Insight Into 2015 Direct Mail Market, Look Ahead to 2016

The direct mail piece has an amazing tale to relate. Throughout the past 20 years, as the Internet has become a game-changer in the way information is presented and disseminated, the humble-yet-effective mail still has bragging rights as one of the marketing space’s premier vehicles.

Yet amid postal rate increases and constant bombardment from other marketing channels, the direct mail space cannot rest on its laurels. Dan Thornton, president of Chicago-based RR Donnelley’s Response Marketing, says that the over-arching challenge facing many of the firm’s clients is catching consumers’ attention in the face of all the information they receive in their day-to-day activities.

Attention deficit is not the only disorder that plagues the mailing community. Other challenges, Thornton notes, include continued postal optimization, data security, developing creative campaigns that improve ROI and successful integration of multiple approaches in direct response campaigns. Here is how RR Donnelley approaches each issue:

• Postal optimization. Given that postal costs account for a large chunk of clients’ cost structures, increases can and will impact the number of mailing pieces that reach the stream. RR Donnelley enables marketers to take advantage of deeply discounted postage prices by analyzing and ranking files by USPS carrier routes.
“Through our vast Logistics network, we can utilize drop shipment process centers to provide more precise in-home dates, reduced delivery times and overall postage reduction,” he points out.
• Data security. With data breaches garnering mainstream news attention, becoming a trusted caretaker is no small feat. RR Donnelley offers various levels of security depending on client need, developed over time and based on customer input.
• Campaigns to improve ROI. The printer’s production platform provides clients with the flexibility to seamlessly test new ideas in copy and design new offers to drive increased responses.

Audience Communications Platform
On the equipment end, RR Donnelley has invested in a robust platform—rrdConnect—for creating, managing and executing effective audience communications. This analytic campaign automation tool helps drive omnichannel communication delivery and integrates customer information from many sources in an efficient and workable communications platform.

“rrdConnect enables communications to be seamlessly delivered to target audiences in an integrated, optimized, comprehensive and ultra-personalized way via hard copy, email, Web and mobile formats,” Thornton adds. “Our goal is to help clients deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time—every time—with advanced data analytics, cutting-edge technology and deep experience in virtually every vertical.”
Thornton firmly believes that print service providers who can help customers drive a consistent message across multiple channels will be in the best position to succeed in this space. That will require tailoring precisely targeted, personalized messaging directly to each individual, then hitting the when and where marks on delivery. Looking ahead, it will require an even greater commitment to digital communications channels, in tandem with print.

“We have led the way in developing or applying personalized communications with innovations such as RR Donnelley’s powerful ProteusJet high-speed digital print platform, which provides full color, variable customization that drives relevant, vibrant communications,” he contends. “Cost savings from in-line production combined with variable text and imaging allow for maximum postal optimization, which translates to important postage savings for our customers. Clients can reach an audience of millions with the touch of one.

“RR Donnelley offers multi-channel solutions that create automated, data-driven communications, easily combining email, print, Web and video in exciting and cost-effective ways. Integrating direct mail, email, personalized URLs, variable video and social media components into automated multi-touch, multi-channel customer prospecting and engagement programs, RR Donnelley helps clients engage their customers and prospects.”

Jim Andersen, CEO of Chanhassen, Minnesota-based IWCO Direct, points out that one of the more common issues that confronted customers in 2015 was the challenge of identifying the best opportunity for improvement in their campaigns, and then making it happen. Another puzzle was determining the optimal media mix needed to acquire new customers and to retain existing ones.

“These challenges resulted in sometimes volatile shifts in volume when a solid strategy and testing plan were lacking or missing,” Andersen points out. “We met these challenges by expanding our Proprietary Intelligence model, which provides proven solutions for data, synergy, creative and analysis to support all marketing channels, especially direct mail.”

IWCO Direct has garnered a reputation for being an intelligently aggressive equipment investor, and 2015 was certainly no exception. The firm added a pair of production inkjet presses: a cutsheet Océ VarioPrint i300 and a continuous-feed Océ ImageStream 3500, both from Canon Solutions America.

The new equipment, combined with the aforementioned Proprietary Intelligence model, enables clients to merge consumer data with creative strategies to produce more personal and relevant direct mail offers for increased return on marketing investment.
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