Short-Run Digital Printing Jobs Need Proper Finishing (

“We’re experiencing a Renaissance of print.” That is what Sabine Lenz, founder of PaperSpecs, told an audience at the recent Dscoop conference in Orlando, Fla. Designers, brands and consumers are all returning to print, but they are looking for more than the generic postcards, flyers or banners than in the past. Digital printing is driving a creative push for unique, stand-out pieces that are as personal and individualized as the people receiving them. But smart commercial printers aren’t just stopping at the paper stock or the use of variable data — they are looking for finishing options that stand out as much as the rest of the process.

Creating a tactile experience with finishing can be accomplished in a number of ways, from diecutting unique shapes, to using complex and innovative folds, to a wide range of coatings and embellishments that can change the feel of a piece in a myriad of ways — and that’s just the start. Traditional finishing equipment was designed to match the offset presses they were paired with in order to create the same end result thousands of times. However, various manufacturers are now offering equipment specifically designed for the short-run, variable data world.

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