Steady Growth Expected for Aseptic Processing and Packaging

Growing production capacity, as well as increased demand in emerging markets as well as the dairy and pharmaceutical industries, will drive the growth of aseptic technologies through 2025.

Multiple factors are combining to increase global demand for aseptic processing and packaging, according to a new report from Converged Markets.

In its new report, the market intelligence and advisory services firm says the aseptic industry “has witnessed a major rise in technology and trends as companies foray into new markets.” It cites enhanced production capacity and greater numbers of packaging manufacturers leading to a shortfall in packaging material supply, with demand coming close to outstripping supply.

Converged Markets says the global aseptic packaging market value reached $40 billion in 2017, estimating an 8% Compound Annual Growth Rate between 2018 to 2025. It points to the following factors contributing to the growth of the aseptic packaging market:

Dairy sector gains

Increased demand from the dairy sector where companies have observed the benefits of aseptic packaging with cartons and have adopted the technology for daily use. The practice of introducing ultra-high temperature sterilized packaging is also boosting demand. Carton packaging has helped enable better packaging and distribution, as well as preserving the shelf life for extended periods.

The report notes that negative health reports pertaining to carbonated soft drinks have caused consumers in various global emerging markets to focus on flavored or processed milk. Converged Markets also says, “Due to uneven milk production across regions, there is difficulty in shipping cold products and limited cold storage in developing markets; aseptic packages offer a convenience that has made them instantly popular in the packaging industry. Therefore, the aseptic packaging market for these products is expected to grow as a large share of aseptic beverage packaging is consumed by dairy beverage packaging.”

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