TEN Shutters Surfing Magazine

TEN: The Enthusiast Network confirmed this week that Surfing — which chronicled surf culture since its first monthly edition went to press in December 1964 — will cease to exist as a distinct brand, its print edition shuttered and its digital assets folded into fellow TEN title (and longtime competitor) Surfer.

In an all-too-common refrain reverberating throughout the magazine business, TEN cited consolidation and a pivot toward digital media as the answer to changing demands from consumers and advertisers, preferring to stake its claim on the older and more widely read Surfer, which Norb Garrett, EVP/GM of TEN’s sports and entertainment portfolio, called “the lifelong bible of the sport.”

“Surfer was the logical brand to put everything into as we go forward; it’s always served a larger audience,” Garrett tells Folio:. “But we’re bringing over a lot of the great editorial concepts from Surfing, including some of the key members of the staff, to really round out Surfer moving forward.”

While Surfer and Surfing had a shared sales staff, the two titles maintained separate editors. Just how many editors will be brought over from Surfing remains unclear, but Garrett describes the staff going forward as “a strong blend of members of both teams.”

“The advertising market in traditional publishing is contracting, especially in areas where your’e dealing with younger demographics,” TEN CEO Scott Dickey tells Folio:. “The idea that brands were going to support multiple titles within a vertical doesn’t make sense anymore. This is a natural contraction of the surf publishing industry. It doesn’t mean those dollars are going away, they’re just going into other distribution channels and other media. That’s where we’re investing.”
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