The buzzword on every ad buyers’ lips is TRUST

A new study shows that trust is now the key metric for media buyers

New research has just found that three out of four advertising executives say that “trust-related attributes” are the #1 key factor when deciding on how to allocate their ad budgets to media.

In March 2019*, more than 200 advertising executives (40% in-house marketers and 60% ad agency) overwhelmingly stated that trust plays a major part in advertising, technology and media-buying decisions.

From my standpoint, trust is both far-reaching and multi-layered. Not only must advertisers have trust in the media they are using but the wider industry also has to be seen as trustworthy. Gone are the days where all the main TV networks and upmarket newspapers are respected and dependable; so smarter choices need to be taken in today’s world.

The growth and resulting dilution of the media landscape in the last 20 years has removed certainty. Every brand today needs to now take a fresh look and a deeper dive into what advertising placements to choose from.

Sure, trusting is hard; but knowing who to trust, well that’s even harder. So how do we move forward? To make this all clearer, I urge you to just take a step back before you purchase media today and tap into your 6th sense, using this straightforward “checklist of truth”.

Ask yourself the following:
1.Are your adverts guaranteed to be in front of real people?
2.Do those people have money?
3.Do you have their attention?
4.Do you know if your brand will be placed in a positive or a negative media space?
5.Is the chosen outlet established and dependable?
6.Will your advert be in good company, both editorially and alongside other brands?

If your answer is “no” to any one of these questions, stop and listen to what I’m about to tell you.
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