US teenagers say Amazon is their favorite online shopping website

According to a semi-annual survey from Piper Jaffray Cos., total spending by U.S. teenagers topped $77 billion in 2018. Teens are spending more time with online-only retailers.

U.S. teenagers are spending more time shopping with online-only retailers and less with department and specialty stores, a report finds. And Inc. is by far their favorite online shopping destination.

Total spending (online and offline) by U.S. teenagers (ages 13 to 19) topped $77 billion in 2018, according to a semi-annual survey of the roughly 8,000 U.S. teens from investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray Cos. Self-reported spending averaged about $2,600 per teenager per year. That was up 1% from a year earlier and 6% higher than the average amount reported in the fall 2018 survey.

When they shop online, 50% of all teens surveyed named Amazon as their favorite retail website, up from 47% last fall and 44% from spring 2018. The second-ranked website,, was cited by just 5% of the teens in the most recent survey. That matched Nike’s percentage in the fall 2018 survey and was down a point from the spring 2018 survey.
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