Using Digital Print as an Audience Engagement Tool (

Digital print is a powerful tool for audience engagement. As consumers are bombarded by new brand messages with every tap of their smartphones, personalized printed materials present an increasingly rare opportunity to cut through the noise.

“Companies can now take advantage of digital printing capabilities to deliver truly 1:1 personalized marketing that was once only attainable through digital marketing efforts,” says Tim Curtis, president and COO of CohereOne, a data-driven direct marketing agency. “The targeted 1:1 message is coupled with the higher response rates and conversion metrics of print. Win-win!”

To help marketers, agencies, designers, and print buyers unlock the potential of digital print, BRAND United University is offering a new comprehensive two-day course called “Digital Printing for Professionals.” During the course, industry innovators will present case studies and highlight digital printing technologies, equipping program participants with takeaways to achieve their strategic communications objectives. Hosted by BRAND United and the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA), the program will take place Oct. 23-24 in Dallas in conjunction with PRINTING United.

In the following Q&A, Curtis explains why the “Digital Printing for Professionals” course is an important investment for today’s marketers. He also discusses how data technology is transforming direct mail, a topic he will cover in depth during his session about “Big Data and the Emergent Era of Print” on Day 2 of the program.
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