Verso Corporation Broadens Manufacturing Capability to Produce OptiLabel™ Face Stock Papers

Verso Corporation (NYSE: VRS), a leading producer of label face stock and release liner papers, today announced that its Quinnesec, Michigan, paper mill has broadened its manufacturing expertise to produce OptiLabel™ face stock papers.

“Verso remains committed to product innovation and development for unique specialty label applications, which creates value for our customers,” said Verso Vice President of Product Innovation Mike Farrington. “Our OptiLabel™ face stock is an established brand in the pressure-sensitive label market, and now that it is made on world-class assets at two of our integrated pulp and paper mills in Escanaba and Quinnesec, Michigan, we are even better positioned to service our customers.”

Verso’s specialty product line includes highly engineered release liner base paper and strong, smooth label face stock for pressure-sensitive, glue-applied and litho-lamination applications. The OptiLabel™ family includes products from 48 lb. to 58 lb. (3300ft2) basis weights, which are all optimized for laminating, label printing, die cutting, and high-speed label applications. The premium brightness, blue-white shade, semi-gloss finish and high opacity make this family of products ideal for high-end pressure-sensitive label applications.

Farrington added, “Verso and high-performance papers go hand-in-hand. Year after year, our pressure-sensitive face stock, C1S glue-applied face stock and release liner base sheets are used and trusted by organizations, large and small, to make their most recognized and respected brands stand out on retail shelves.”

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