10 Best Ways to Use Direct Mail (piworld.com)

Direct mail can be a very powerful marketing tool for your customers. How do you communicate that to them? Obviously, direct mail is not the be all and end all for marketing. However, it is an important channel to utilize in conjunction with other marketing channels. Direct mail can even give a lift in online engagement. Let’s look at how they should use direct mail to shine.

10 Best ways to use direct mail:

  1. Counter a competitive offer:
  2. Generate Traffic:
  3. Customer acquisition or referrals:
  4. Generate sales leads:
  5. Building brand awareness:
  6. Customer loyalty:
  7. Announcements:
  8. Cross sell or upsell:
  9. Combining mailings with other companies:
  10. Augmenting other media efforts:

85% of marketers say direct mail delivers the best conversion and response rate of all their marketing channels.
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