Print is the New Digital Champion

Recently, I sat down with Lois Brayfield, CEO of J.Schmid, to chat about challenges and opportunities around brand position across channels. During this conversation, she mentioned the phrase, “Print is the New Digital Champion” and how they are using this in their client conversations. That discussion and Brent Niemuth’s video resonated with me so much that I asked to use it for this article. (She said YES by the way!) Digital overload is perhaps the biggest challenge facing modern retailers along with combating an ever-shrinking consumer attention span. It would be simple to view this as a contemporary technology battle. The truth is, we aren’t so much as competing against technology and diminishing attention spans as we are against brands using technology better than we are! Since print is part of the technology discussion, I’ll say it like this: #printisthenewdigitalchampion.
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Nevada Privacy Law Goes Into Effect (

A new privacy law in Nevada shows the need for federal legislation, the industry group Interactive Advertising Bureau said Wednesday. Nevada's law, which took effect this week, requires website operators to allow consumers to opt out of the sale of some personally identifiable data. The measure was passed in May -- almost one year after California enacted a far broader privacy law that gives consumers the right to learn what personal information has been collected about them by companies, the right to have that information deleted, and the right to prevent disclosure of that data to third parties. The Nevada law only applies to data that has traditionally been considered personally identifiable, such as names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers.
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8 Questions Brands Need to Ask When Launching a Catalog Program

We challenged Jake Hoffman, Arandell’s Director of Data Solutions, to synthesize down the key questions he asks when launching a new catalog program. He believes that the following 8 questions are critical for brands that are considering catalogs for the first time. 1) What goal(s) am I hoping to accomplish by launching a catalog program? On the surface this seems like a silly question but there are a lot of different directions you can go when creating a catalog. 2) What are the clearly defined metrics I’m going to use to determine catalog success? “I want it to have a good response”. *cue forehead slap* This is the answer I often get to the question above…can you see why this is a bit of a problem? 3) What is the marketing budget? If this is your first catalog program, buckle up because you may be in for a bit of sticker shock. Are catalogs expensive? click read more below for the rest
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Consumers Will Share Data Despite Privacy Fears: Study (

Consumers are willing to share information with brands they trust despite continuing doubts about online privacy, according to a study by FigLeaf. But there are limits, depending on such factors as gender and age. Of the consumers polled, 68% do not believe that online privacy is possible. In addition, 52% are skeptical about commitments made by firms such as Facebook and Google to add stronger protections. Twenty-eight percent of women and 29% of men think they know every company and website that is holding data on them. However, 48% of women are reluctant to share their location data or have it tracked, versus 37% of men. In addition, 68% of women are likely to share less online due to privacy worries, compared to 54% of males.
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Using Digital Print as an Audience Engagement Tool (

Digital print is a powerful tool for audience engagement. As consumers are bombarded by new brand messages with every tap of their smartphones, personalized printed materials present an increasingly rare opportunity to cut through the noise. “Companies can now take advantage of digital printing capabilities to deliver truly 1:1 personalized marketing that was once only attainable through digital marketing efforts,” says Tim Curtis, president and COO of CohereOne, a data-driven direct marketing agency. “The targeted 1:1 message is coupled with the higher response rates and conversion metrics of print. Win-win!” In the following Q&A, Curtis explains why the “Digital Printing for Professionals” course is an important investment for today’s marketers. He also discusses how data technology is transforming direct mail, a topic he will cover in depth during his session about “Big Data and the Emergent Era of Print” on Day 2 of the program.
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AMA Study Finds Consumers Have Peaked On Key Digital Media, Marketers Have Not (

A major international study commissioned by the American Marketing Association (AMA) indicates a serious disconnect between consumers and marketers may lead to some inertia in technology and digital marketing expenditures in the U.S. The study, which conducted in-depth interviews with consumers and marketers in each of the world’s two largest markets -- the U.S. and China -- found that U.S. consumers have already peaked in their use of dominant digital media formats, especially social and online gaming, but U.S. marketers are continuing to increase their investments in both (+68% and +25%, respectively). The study also found American consumers are less than keen on the benefits of nine key ad tech “innovations” -- things like personalized ads, micro-influencers, employee influencers, augmented reality, and IoT-connected home devices -- than U.S. marketing spending would justify.
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