Job Posting: Director of Operations – Two Sides North America

Two Sides North America is looking for a Director of Operations to take a leading role in the coordination and management of daily activities related to the Two Sides and Keep Me Posted campaigns in the U.S. and Canada which promote the attractiveness, sustainability and importance of paper and print in our daily lives. Details at:
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Navigator to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 with an investment of €158 million

The Navigator Company is the first Portuguese company – and one of the first worldwide – to take on the commitment of achieving carbon neutrality 15 years early, by giving all of its industrial complexes a net zero carbon footprint by 2035. In order to achieve this mission, Navigator announced today at its Sustainability Forum that it will be investing a total of €158 million. “It is with great pleasure that I address this Sustainability Forum and commend your dedication to the issue of climate change,” António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, wrote in a letter addressed to the event participants.
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Lecta Publishes Its New Environmental Report

In keeping with our clear commitment to sustainability, Lecta operates according to the highest environmental standards, guaranteeing innovative, safe and responsible products, the result of environment-friendly, responsible manufacturing processes. At a time of heightened awareness of the need to conserve natural resources and protect our planet, Lecta once again shares its success and progress in this area. This is the product of a long history of best practices, and significant investment in sustainable new technology and important environmental improvement projects at all our mills. In total, the company has invested more than 146 million euros over the last 10 years in this priority objective. This effort and commitment is reflected in the environmental indicators contained in the Environmental Report, the majority of which derive from each mill’s environmental declaration verified by an independent body prior to publication.
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Successful Coffee Cup Recycling Scheme Exported to Europe

DS Smith, the leading sustainable packaging company, announces today that it is expanding its coffee cup recycling programme to Europe through its De Hoop Mill in the Netherlands. The launch, which follows a successful trial at the mill, aims to tackle the 4.5 billion disposable coffee cups currently used by coffee lovers in Benelux annually and stop them ending up in landfill or incineration. The recycler first introduced a bespoke recycling approach for cups at its Kemsley Paper Mill in the UK. As a result of efforts by DS Smith and others in the industry, coffee cup recycling has increased from 1 in 400 to 1 in 25 cups over the past two years in the UK1. It is determined to see an equally powerful impact in Europe, which is the largest market of coffee drinkers on the planet, representing 30% of the global coffee market.
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Carinata – Seeds of climate positive change

Though no larger than mustard seeds, the fruit of the Brassica carinata plant carries huge promise for carbon-neutral traffic. The “bio” prefix in biofuels might suggest a straightforward option for mitigating climate change. But cultivating plants as feedstock for biofuels is not entirely unproblematic. Not all methods of crop cultivation are sustainable, or climate friendly. And, moreover, if fields are allocated for cultivating biofuel feedstock, will there be enough land left over for farming food crops to feed the ever-growing global population? These are among many complex issues coming under increased scrutiny as the menace of climate change looms larger. Brassica carinata, however, is a plant that seems perfect for the biofuels industry. The grain is unfit for human consumption, yet it contains oil that is highly suitable as raw material for biofuel. As carinata grows in winter outside the normal planting season, it can be sown in the same fields as summer food crops. However, only 30% of land is currently in productive use during winter with winter.
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FSC Forest Management Standard Update

In 2018, FSC US began revising the US Forest Management Standard (v1.1), with an overall goal of maintaining continuity and consistency to the extent possible. The process is expected to continue into 2021. The objectives for the revision process include the following: •Align the US standard with the new FSC Principles & Criteria (Version 5), and International Generic Indicators (IGI). •Address a small number of high-priority issues identified by stakeholders. •Incorporate guidance that has been in use, but not formally adopted into the standard. •Complete editorial and grammatical clarifications.
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Give your feedback on the Vietnamese national forest certification system

PEFC invites stakeholders around the world to comment on the Vietnamese national system, following its submission to PEFC for endorsement. To give your feedback, head to our Online Consultation Tool. This is the first time that Vietnam has submitted its national forest certification system, marking an important step towards PEFC certification in the country. Make your comments now! The deadline is 25 November. The Viet Nam Forest Certification System (VFCS) joined the PEFC alliance in June earlier this year, becoming our 50th national member.
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Mid America Paperboard Recycling Will Educate TAPPI CorrExpo Audience on the Value of Waste

First time exhibitor Mid America Paper Recycling (booth 221) plans to showcase the benefits of an industry-first waste audit report and explain recycling best practices at the TAPPI CorrExpo, October 14-16 at the Denver Convention Center. One of the largest independent brokers, processors and exporters of recovered paper in the Central United States, Chicago-based MAPR has deep roots in the printing industry dating back to when it was founded in 1926. As large commercial printers and paperboard converters search for new methods to improve their revenue sources, MAPR’s experience in the recycling process can likely help them. “I felt our decision to exhibit at TAPPI CorrExpo for the first time this year was a natural. We have been working with paper industry and corrugated users for years,” said Paul Pirkle, who joined Mid America Paper Recycling as president last year.
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What is the role of space and time in sustainable forest management?

Sustainable development is usually described as encompassing three main pillars: Environmental, social, and economic. But there are other important dimensions that need to be addressed. “Sustainability is about much more than just the environmental, social and economic dimensions. It is also about the dimensions of space and time, both of which need to be addressed for sustainable development to make a real difference on the ground,” said Thorsten Arndt, Head of Communications at PEFC International, at the 2nd International Convention on Sustainable Trade and Standards in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “The dimension of space means that we have to translate our global understanding of sustainable development into the local context and address the unique local framework conditions, which are different from country to country,” Mr. Arndt explained. “The dimension of time takes into account that our understanding and our expectations of sustainability change over time, so we need to adapt it on a regular basis,” he continued.
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