Responsible sourcing at the foundation of UPM Raflatac’s Label Life Awards 2018

At UPM Raflatac, responsible sourcing is the foundation of responsible business. With a diverse global supplier network such as ours, working together in partnership is essential in our journey toward a more sustainable future. To demonstrate the importance of responsible sourcing and to commit our suppliers to sustainability, we have created the Label Life Awards concept. This year, the Label Life Awards event will take place at the UPM-Kymmene head office in Helsinki, Finland on March 22, 2018. "The Label Life Awards are the most visible way to demonstrate UPM Raflatac's commitment to responsible sourcing and responsible business practises. They are a special recognition for those UPM Raflatac suppliers who operate responsibly and enable us to identify potential areas for cooperation in the field of sustainability", says Maria Seppälä, Vice President, Sourcing, UPM Raflatac. Click Read More below for additional information.
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Interfor Publishes Corporate Sustainability Report

INTERFOR CORPORATION announced that it has published its first corporate sustainability report; it can be viewed online: The report highlights Interfor’s commitment to making quality lumber products, managing forests sustainably, providing meaningful and safe jobs for employees, investing in our facilities, operating to strict environmental parameters and supporting local and First Nations communities. Click Read More below for additional information.
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Klabin expands Beekeeping and Meliponiculture Program to São Paulo and Santa Catarina

Klabin’s Beekeeping and Meliponiculture Program has recently expanded its activities to the cities of Otacílio Costa, Santa Catarina, and Angatuba, São Paulo, where the company already has forest and industrial operations. With this expansion, the program now includes 49 beekeepers and 78 apiaries, with another 24 partners expected to be added from the two new cities by the end of 2018, to reach more than 100 apiaries, spread over forests in 12 cities in the states of Paraná, São Paulo and Santa Catarina. For 80 million years bees have been performing the crucial task of pollinating plants and are thus considered the most efficient animals to transport pollen from one flower to another. One such example is the melipona bee that is native to Brazil, which is responsible for 40% to 90% of the pollination of our native forests. Due to environmental changes caused by the actions of human beings, bees in general run the risk of extinction and, without them, honey and more than 80% of the food consumed by human beings today will cease to exist. Click Read More below for additional information.
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The era of intelligent forests – digitalisation of Finnish forests is transforming the forest industry

The world of the future must run on renewable raw materials instead of fossil fuels. Wood is the best renewable raw material, and in Finland it grows faster than it is used. Digitalisation is transforming the Finnish forest industry, providing unprecedented solutions that make forests more intelligent. Data can be collected from forests using innovative methods, and modern data can be used to optimise forest use and management. Virtual forests are also emerging. Metsä Group, a Finnish forest industry company, has developed innovative digital services for forest owners and leads the way in the industry. Finland is the most forested country in Europe: forests cover more than 75 per cent of the country’s area. As a result of sustainable forest use and management over the decades, the amount of wood that grows every year exceeds clearly the amount used. Click Read More below for additional information.
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AF&PA Applauds Improved EPA Emissions Accounting Guidelines

American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) President and CEO Donna Harman issued the following statement regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) announcement of New Source Review (NSR) emissions accounting guidelines. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced the agency’s new approach on Tuesday, March 13. “Clear EPA New Source Review emissions accounting guidelines are a long-overdue step to provide our industry and all U.S. manufacturers with a common-sense, realistic approach to air permitting. We are one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the nation, have invested billions of dollars on environmental stewardship and remain committed to innovative and sustainable business practices. Click Read More below for additional information.
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