Canon Celebrates Its 10th Year in Supporting the Arbor Day Foundation and Its Reforestation Program

Sustainability is the future, which is why Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, finds it a privilege to announce and celebrate that the Company’s enterprise division has now lent a decade of support to the Arbor Day Foundation’s reforestation program. Since 2009, the company’s enterprise division helped contribute to the planting of more than 500,000 trees in the U.S., with this year’s efforts counting toward the Arbor Day Foundation’s Time for Trees initiative, under which the Arbor Day Foundation seeks to plant 100 million trees worldwide by 2022.
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International Earth Day Kicks Off Earth Week 2019

We’re kicking off Earth Week 2019 on April 22, which is International Earth Day. While we incorporate sustainability into all parts of our business every day, we are excited to have a whole week dedicated to enhancing nature’s gifts and improving life in our communities. Colleagues and, at many sites, their family members and friends will raise sustainability awareness through volunteering, learning and playing in the world around us.
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Busch and the National Forest Foundation’s New Book Is a Love Letter to America’s Trees

Beer doesn’t grow on trees, but one brewer wants you to appreciate them anyway. Just in time for Earth Day, Busch and the National Forest Foundation (NFF) have published a book about America’s trees. The hard-cover coffee table book, made of recycled paper, showcases about two dozen trees in an effort to raise money for conservation efforts and get people adventuring in the great outdoors. The book, “Rooted in Love,” goes on sale today for $20 and will be available through the end of April. All proceeds go directly to the NFF, which helps conserve approximately 200 million acres of forests.
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Save the Date: 2019 SFI Annual Conference

The SFI Annual Conference brings together thought leaders and influencers from the forest products industry, conservation and community partners, tribal and Indigenous leaders as well as some of the most engaged forest product customers in North America. This year’s conference will discuss topics of relevance to the American, Canadian and International forest sectors, so mark your calendars and come to the 2019 SFI Annual Conference and please bring a customer or a friend. Check back soon for conference updates.
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Celebrate Earth Day 2019 with Two Sides

The 22nd of April marks Earth Day – the world’s largest environmental movement. Earth Day is an annual event that takes place globally to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Commenced in 1970, the event’s mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Here at Two Sides, we are celebrating the event by sharing some positive environmental facts from the world of print and paper and encourage you to join us too. We have plenty of informative resources and shareable content for you to download and share. Use the #EarthDay hashtag in your social media posts to help raise awareness to this global event. We have even got some Twitter friendly videos ready for you to share! Click Read More bellow for additional information.
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FSC Approves Supplementary Requirements for Forest Service Lands

For the first time, FSC certification is now an option for National Forests, after the final approval in March 2019 of the supplementary requirements to the FSC US Forest Management Standard. These requirements have been incorporated into an updated version of the Standard which is available on the FSC US web site. Should a National Forest choose to pursue FSC certification, the process would apply both the regular FSC Forest Management Standard and the newly approved supplementary requirements. These additional requirements recognize the unique role of National Forests in the United States, holding forest management on these lands to a higher level of expectations. Click Read More bellow for additional information.
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Transforming Wood Waste into Energy for Our Mills

“Biomass” isn't a word most people know. But this renewable, cost effective fuel is becoming increasingly important to our planet. It helps reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and curtail the demand for purchased electricity while lowering greenhouse gas emissions. What is biomass? It's fuel from organic materials. The woody biomass GP uses comes mainly from tree waste, such as bark, wood residues and by-products from pulping wood fiber. And it makes up more than 50 percent of the energy we use to run our plants and mills. As whole trees come into sites such as our Alabama River Cellulose (ARC) facility near Monroeville, Alabama, bark is removed from logs before they go into the chipper. The dissolved lignin (black liquor) is later removed leaving behind the cellulose fibers. The bark and the black liquor are then used as biomass fuel. Click Read More bellow for additional information.
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