JCPenney Celebrates a Century of Service in Texas

It’s been 100 years since J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE:JCP) said howdy to the great state of Texas, and the Company is fixin’ to celebrate its rich legacy in the Lone Star State. The Company will commemorate a century of serving Texas customers on March 31 with a special anniversary ceremony at its location in Wichita Falls – the same city founder James Cash Penney made his first foothold in the state 100 years ago.
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Sun Chemical Enhances Online Platform for U.S. and Canadian Customers with Mobile-Friendly Capability

Sun Chemical’s online support platform,, has been enhanced with mobile-friendly capability. Available to U.S. and Canadian customers, the mobile-friendly platform features an easy to navigate user interface which includes the ability to view order history, re-order product from a personalized product catalog, and check shipment status of open orders. The new platform is also available to French and Spanish speaking customers.
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Goss Acquires Graphic Automation Controls, Inc.

As part of its ongoing strategy to establish industry partnerships that deliver value-added solutions for its customers, Goss International today announced the acquisition of Graphic Automation Controls, Inc. (GAC) in an asset transaction. “Goss is focused on growing our aftermarket and service business for our installed base,” says Stan Blakney, Chief Operating Officer of Goss. “This is the first of many expansions of those capabilities we see in the near term.”
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Ahlstrom and Munksjö Have Resolved to Complete the Merger

The Boards of Directors of Ahlstrom Corporation ("Ahlstrom") and Munksjö Oyj ("Munksjö") have today resolved to complete the merger of Ahlstrom into Munksjö in accordance with the merger plan. The combination of Ahlstrom and Munksjö creates a global leader in sustainable and innovative fiber-based solutions with a combined annual net sales of approximately EUR 2.2 billion, approximately 6,200 employees and 41 production and converting facilities in 14 countries. The registration of the execution of the merger is expected to take place on April 1, 2017.
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What Do Consumers Expect from Packaging in the Future?

Stora Enso’s consumer study gives insights on what consumers believe and want regarding packaging in the future. Here is what we found out. ​First, we take a look at the consumers in the United Kingdom. It is obvious to us that they overall expect to see trends reinforced in years to come. They want to see that the functionality of the packaging is increased and they are expecting to see all packaging become more functional, especially re-sealable. They also think that it is likely that we will see more vacuumed sealed packaging for health and safety reasons. Another thing they think is coming, is paper learning from plastic and becoming foldable and moulded.
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Sonoco Launches New Portfolio of Clear Barrier Flexible Packaging

Sonoco (NYSE:SON), one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, has launched its ClearGuard™ portfolio of flexible packaging, offering the transparency that builds trust with consumers while providing best-in-class barrier properties for product protection. ClearGuard structures provide a clear alternative to aluminum foil or metalized films – an important differentiator in an age when nearly half of consumers would choose one product over another simply because they can see the product inside its packaging. Crucially, ClearGuard packaging has also been proven to meet or exceed barrier requirements for a variety of growing product categories, including meat snacks, nuts, trail mixes, snack and nutrition bars, cookies and crackers.
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Clear Retortable Plastic Can Debuts

For many years now the idea of a clear retortable plastic can suitable for a wide variety of food applications processed in continuous rotary equipment has been nothing short of the holy grail where the packaging community is concerned. A few such cans have managed to make it to store shelves, but it’s safe to say that for the most part, clear retortable plastic cans have been slow to take hold. That may change with the launch late last year of seven bean varieties under the Glory Farms brand from Effingham, SC-based McCall Farms. The beans are in a clear, three-piece, five-layer coextruded can. Steel top and steel bottom are seamed on and then induction-sealed for good measure.
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Role of Packaging in Preventing Food Waste

The issue of food waste is very real. Approximately one-third of food produced for human consumption is wasted globally and, in the U.S., nearly 95 percent of that food ends up in landfills or combustion facilities, according to the EPA. While there is no single remedy to solving the problem of food waste, there are several steps that food processors and retailers can take to immediately improve operational efficiency and sustainability and reduce food waste.
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Finnpulp Granted Environmental Permit

The Regional State Administrative Agency has granted the environmental permit for Finnpulp's bioproduct plant, which is to be built in Sorsasalo, Kuopio, and the wastewater treatment facility connected to the plant. The environmental permit defines the terms for the pulp plant's operation in the production phase, as well as for pipeline installation work and changes made to the shore line during the construction phase. Production is planned to start in 2020, and the plant's annual production capacity will be 1.2 million tons of softwood pulp. Additionally, the plant will produce other bioproducts, including 60,000 tons of tall oil and 1.5 TWh of bioelectricity per year. 1 TWh of the electricity will be fed into the national grid.
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