2.8 million acres and counting…

World Land Trust is one of the most successful environmental organizations in the world, protecting vulnerable areas of land from deforestation and destruction.

As a global non-profit that safeguards the world’s most threatened habitats and wildlife species, the success of World Land Trust (WLT) lies in the amount of land it protects, and in 2023, over 177,200 acres (71,710 hectares) were protected from deforestation and development. This brings the total amount of land saved since the charity’s foundation over 30 years ago to over 2.8 million acres – that’s equivalent to the size of Jamaica.

WLT form partnerships with local environmental groups and NGOs, giving them the financial and technical assistance to protect and manage the protected areas. WLT understands the value of people who know the area and the importance it has in the lives of the communities that live there.
more at: https://carbonbalancedpaperna.com/2-8-million-acres-and-counting/

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