20/20’s Expansion Brings More Jobs, Capacity to Holiday City and Bluffton

20/20 Custom Molding Plastics’ latest expansion, beginning in April, will bring more than 100 new jobs to its two locations thanks to various machine additions and the relocation of several high pressure presses.

The manufacturing firm will proceed with adding two 3,000-ton high pressure machines and one 8,000-ton high pressure machine to its 225,000-sqaure-foot Holiday City plant this year and into 2022. The 375- and 500- ton high pressure presses in Holiday City will be relocated to the Bluffton, Indiana 325,000-square-foot facility. In addition, the Bluffton location will receive three new structural foam presses over the next 18 months.

President of 20/20, Ron Ernsberger noted that the company’s ability to continuously grow is rooted in its goals to exceed customer expectations.

“As a custom molder, we must constantly push the envelope to find ways to do things better, faster, and more economically. Delivering quality parts on time every time is key,” Ernsberger said. “Growing the business is one thing, but doing so while expanding our capacities and capabilities is another. Whenever we add equipment, we also want to the ability to deliver our best and keep in line with the highest of industry standards.”

Chief Financial Officer Dave Rupp shares that 20/20’s growth has supported the company’s dedicated customer base while welcoming new ones. The increased production capacity is also a step toward bringing more manufacturing professionals to the Ohio and Indiana locations.

“Over the years, 20/20 has become the go-to custom molder of large parts in North America. Our goal is to continue to push into new and exciting molding technologies that will benefit our customers’ ability expand the size and capabilities of their proprietary products,” Rupp said.

As the company grows, it appears that between Bluffton and Holiday City, surrounding communities and customers can come to expect more from the 20/20 brand. The custom molder of high and low pressure plastics products has served the structural mold injection industry for more than 20 years.

The expansion allows 20/20 to “open doors to new projects,” said Executive Vice President Chad Adams. “These changes will undoubtedly bring new opportunities for our customers in terms of their own needs, product development, and manufacturing flexibility. We highly anticipate watching our teams at both locations grow. Our employees are a huge part of 20/20’s success and we are forever in debt to them.”

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