5 Ways PSPs Are Supporting Their Business Communities (piworld.com)

During the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, many printing companies scrambled successfully to be designated as essential businesses. For the future of many of these businesses, this was a life or death move — a valiant effort to protect both the business and the jobs therein. As the crisis has developed over the past few months, numerous companies have proven how truly essential they are to the communities they serve, providing capabilities, expertise, and a lifeline for other businesses. Here are a few ways PSPs are supporting their local communities — both during this crisis and well beyond.

  1. Finding the Way – Addressing the need for social distancing, and to apply order to what, before the crisis, was a free-form shopping experience, many PSPs with wide-format printing capabilities are producing floor graphics urging social distancing, specifying “one way” in retail aisles, and signifying spacing in check-out or register queues.
  2. Creating Functional Barriers – One of the ways the world of retail shopping has changed due to the COVID-19 crisis is the creation of barriers between customer and cashier. These barriers, generally manufactured using sheet acrylic, are now being produced by graphics companies. Born of necessity during the crisis, these applications will likely stay, even when the threat of the virus has waned. Some producers are offering branding options, using printing, cut window films, or other methods.
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