7 facts about UPM’s commitment to a non-fossil future

UPM has high aspirations in responding to the global climate challenge. Sustainably produced pulp is one of the answers when aiming for a future beyond fossils. Here are some key facts on our sustainability efforts.

  1. Zero tolerance for deforestation - UPM’s business is based on forests. This is a strong reason to ensure that the forests always grow more than they are used.
  2. Improving biodiversity in our own forests – As a leader in the industry, UPM was the first forest company in the world to make a commitment to increasing the biodiversity of its own forests.
  3. Ultimate goal of climate positive portfolio – The majority of airborne emissions that UPM mills produce are biomass-based from renewable sources.
  4. Zero Solid Waste to landfill globally by 2030 – Most of UPM’s waste is reused in other processes such as energy generation.
    see more at: https://www.upm.com/articles/pulp/24/7-facts-about-upms-commitment-to-a-non-fossil-future/
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