A new mountain biking magazine is born (snewsnet.com)

Covid-19 has crushed parts of the media landscape, and one of its victims was longtime cycling publication Bike magazine, whose publisher cited the pandemic-deflated economy as the chief reason for indefinitely “pausing” production of the title last October.

In this particular casualty of the coronavirus, however, Boulder, Colorado-based active lifestyle publisher (and SNEWS parent company) Pocket Outdoor Media saw a growth opportunity.

As soon as Bike hit the brakes, Pocket Outdoor Media CEO Robin Thurston decided he wouldn’t wait around to see if it would resume operations. Instead, he saw a chance to fill that magazine’s void in the marketplace with a new title in POM’s portfolio, so he invited the editorial staff of the now-idle publication to join his company and reimagine what a mountain biking magazine could—and should—be.

The result is Beta, a multichannel content platform launched Tuesday, which includes a new quarterly magazine, website, and membership program called Beta Pass (part of Pocket’s larger Active Pass platform). Its first print edition is due out in late March, just as the snow begins melting and riders return to dirt singletrack across much of the country.
more at source: https://www.snewsnet.com/news/introducing-beta

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