A Prosperous 35 Years in Print

Scott Zimmermann, our Press Room Manager, is celebrating a BIG milestone with us this month – he’s been with Royle Printing for over 35 years! You mean you’ve spent 35 years with the same company? In today’s workforce, that can be unheard of at times!

We stumbled upon a past newsletter from May of 1993; a throwback to the newsletter seemed like a must to celebrate Scott’s tenure with us. He’s spent his entire career working in print as a press operator. Hear what Scott or “Zimmy” (that’s what we call him around here) had to say about his 35 years in print and why he’s found so much success. We feel it’s more important now than ever to tell prosperous and successful stories of people in our industry. We hope we can potentially urge younger and future generations to consider a career in print – there are endless possibilities for growth!

read more at: https://www.royle.com/news/a-prosperous-35-years-in-print

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